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Humans have only one earth! Respect our planet is to respect life, protect the ecological balance is to protect human himself. PuRuiSen has always put environmental protection in an important position in enterprise development strategy as an important part of the business philosophy. So in all business activities, at the same time of providing high quality products and services to customers, the company is protecting the natural environment and realize sustainable development to build environmentally friendly companies. From the environmental impact of raw material sources to the energy saving of production process, low consumption, reducing the pollution, and even the harnessing and comprehensive utilization of pollutants, PuRuiSen promotes clean production, realizes the source control, gives priority to use low toxic, harmless technology, technology and equipment, eliminates the environmental impact of hazardous waste.

In 2006 PuRuiSen took the lead through the ISO14001 certification of environmental management system, in 2007 it through the ShenZhen clean production certification, all members of the company are actively doing business on the basis of environmental protection to do our duty in order to realize the sustainable development of human society.