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Suining culture

History and culture

Suining has a long history. According to the human head parietal bone fossils collected in south MaAnShan in SheHong RenHe, there has been human activity already in Suining at least in 10000 BC. In XiaShang period, the country was divided into 9 continents. Suining was under Liang continent.

Early in the spring and autumn, two slavery countries appeared in sichuan ba and shu, suining XianJing shu jurisdictions, qin unification by shu. Eastern han dynasty last years (in 220), deyang county, in this city inside, in the county also began. Late western jin dynasty (about 303), establish ChengHanGuo knave li xiong uprising, deyang county, and deyang county, county, and receives is still in this city, in county also began.

Suining city self-built county, for the county, county, state, province, zone, city, etc, administrative has experienced more than one thousand seven hundred years, ever said "dongchuan giant city", "upper town" siltstones, suining today for the ancient shu kingdom.

In the evolution of the history of the vicissitudes of life, the name "suining with or change," level "rising and falling of suining, suining jurisdiction or big or small, but one thing has not changed, that is, no matter which dynasty was county, on the basis of suining city, state, county seat, it serves to show the love of the ancients of suining the land. Suining upper town siltstones and also because of its political, economic and cultural center. Now in suining tourism development is rapid, the surrounding large-scale construction of suining hotel, with the rapid development of economy of suining. The history and culture of the intimate relationship with the suining.

Suining nature, mountains and rivers beautiful, rich in natural resources. Domestic and exquisite colorful kinkazan, west lake of charming akagi, one thousand ancient hippocrene temple, west to the first monasteries gwangdeoksa temple, called "fairy painting" treasure in the history the Vatican frescoes and other scenic spots, or quietly elegant elegant, or powerful grandeur, attracts many tourists at home and abroad. Is known as the father of the world's oil drilling, the British zhuo tsutsui bittern technology, known as China's fifth largest invention, there is "dashun" oven etc 18 eyes well preserved, watch one thousand, witnessing the ancient history.

Guanyin culture                                                                                                                                

Guanyin culture has a long history in Suining, it has been far beyond the content of simple Buddhism, it integrates local songs, legends, folk proverbs and opera to form the local characteristics of folk culture and folk customs, become the important content of regional culture and form of expression. Suining Guanyin folk culture is made in one thousand years of history culture, it has extensive influence in a folk culture phenomenon both at internal and abroad, contains the improvement of people's moral psychology, moral personality and ethics to beautify the life and social objectives. In China, in southeast Asia, and around the world, regardless of believe it or not, Buddhism guanyin belief is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and respected. Great mercy, deliverance, she represents a pleasant belief, has become a kind of the culture of mankind. Her as the goddess Venus, the virgin Mary with the west, is the angel of peace, progress and development, human is the embodiment of beauty, kindness and truth, and this is the starting point of guanyin culture brand, and the starting point of tourism brand market. In suining guanyin culture resources development potential is tremendous, it is entirely possible that make brand, the world's cultural resources into a global tourism industry brand. "Water all weekend latest planning open up" the tourist "column, since this period roll out ceremoniously" the hometown of guanyin in world tourism industry brand "series, in order to put the" hometown of guanyin, the exquisite business card make it more beautiful.

Three sisters "guanyin bodhisattva, eats with pan practice. Elder sister in spirit spring temple, two elder sister take in gwangdeoksa temple. Only three elder sister far, in the south China sea putuo temple." The eternal ballads in suining is a household name. Each year on February 19, June, September 19 guanyin bodhisattva's birthday, and becoming a monk, word, two guanyin dojo - hippocrene temple and suining gwangdeoksa temple pilgrims gathered, hometown of guanyin in the eight party guests. Is it may be said "where there are willows, there is a Chinese, where there are Chinese people, there is a goddess of mercy", guanyin belief already deep in Chinese minds, she represents the great mercy, great teacher, great wisdom, wisdom, goodness of inspires people to pursue truth.

In suining, a beautiful legend about at the princess.

According to legend a long time ago a bullet in western countries (now the xinjiang changji county north), of the king called solemn. They lived a nomadic life, and then migrating south to settle in suining, establish a city-state country, rob renamed miao zhuang wang. Suining is miao wang zhuang park on the edge of fu river.

Wonderful ZhuangWang successively has raised three daughters, eldest daughter a wonderful book, this female voices, at three women. They became widespread avalokitesvara three sisters.

At birth is legendary, its parent in the beginning of pregnancy is the golden lotus in full bloom, pearl with good omen; At their birth and rare flowers, flowers in full bloom, the festival of extraordinary fragrance pubi; At practice is full of legend, legend at the princess from urinate vegetarian chanting, generous, in the spirit spring mountain "suddenly see shakyamuni Buddha, with great concentration practice", and "overcoming difficult stage, eventually into guanyin bodhisattva."

After the wonderful books, voices have get married, and at length, but contrary to wonderful ZhuangWang to recruit horse will, determination, "ZhuangWang gas such as lei Chen", at the princess in white sparrow temple, the temple monk gave her the most bitter tired china-nepal live to do, want to change the decision after she suffered hardships, satisfy the king of hearts. However at the daily water, firewood, sweeping, washing, cooking, worked to regrets, no be reluctant, slightly free, or to read the Buddha. White sparrow temple master see princess intelligence, to delay her future, and be kind to the princess, practice provides the convenience for her. After six months, the ZhuangWang sent the son to have a "palace" to white temple birds investigations, know the truth, great anger, ordered the fire to white overnight finches temple, burned 500 buddhist monks and nuns. At tiger mouth saved by god to mount putuo, in zizhu cave monastery zen meditation. Refractory, 500 painful sores ZhuangWang was dying after implementing, a monk to prescribe remedies, need loved ones at hand for medicine. ZhuangWang big princess, the princess would not offer his hand, eye, begging his father to forgive. The monk told ZhuangWang yincui gorge still alive, to filial. ZhuangWang sent people to mount putuo, at the princess had known source, said: "father sore dragon, pineapple five hundred sores. Burned five hundred monk sin, stab retribution from the heart." After cut hand dig at eye father to treat disease. At the mount putuo hard practice for nine years, often hold shake the dew to save all the nations, the Buddha to smell, named at mercy an inspiration mercy kwan-yin. All such as father and sister to mount putuo visits, "princess get thousand hand-eye. Thousands of hands and eyes, the goddess of mercy, purdue beings forever."

Hometown of Guanyin - GuangDe temple                                                                                         

GuangDe temple is national AAAA level scenic spots, national key cultural relics protection units, Chinese royal monasteries, Guanyin dojo, driving from the center of SuiNing city for about 5 minutes. GuangDe temple was built in the Tang dynasty, has been sealed for 11 times by dynasties, for the royal monasteries, was introduced into China Buddhism guanyin culture from the west, after the emperor ChiFeng 10 first jungle temple, there are "west to the monasteries," said. And mountains make it has a magnificent ancient architectural complexes, and temple collect a large number of precious cultural relics, the song dynasties emperor ChiFeng "guanyin jewelry seal", the good economic tower, Kowloon tablet, imperial edict fang, myanmar jade Buddha temple treasure for five, confirm the dignity of the royal monasteries, more than 20000 square meters of tang style temple reveal king bearing. Scenic pilgrims and tourists as a cloud, the year long long, three times a year guanyin fair during the festival, to more than 10, the number of pilgrimage was spectacular.


LingQuan temple is national AAAA level scenic spots, Guanyin pilgrimage shrines in China, driving from the center of SuiNing city for about 5 minutes. the temple was built up to the mountain, the mountain has a spring which is blue and sweet tasting, never spill or dry, so it is named "LingQuan", civil known as "Guanyin Mercy". Song dynasty poet su dongpo to restrain temple after spring, the poems: "spring spring spring spring spring spring spring, have not remember years; jade pulp appeared on the holy land, gold hook out of the old dragon salivary." Big book and "seven spring" between the two characters on the wall. In the twenty-third year of daoguang in qing dynasty, governor of guangdong, Lin zexu temple film after spring, inscribed "sweet Lin Deshui" plaque hanging before the guanyin hall, live in the world. Numerous historical hippocrene temple incense jisheng, known as the sacred land in the west. For western China famous guanyin culture tourist destination.

Hometown of Guanyin - Guanyin lake                                                                                               

Guanyin lake is located in Suining city between HeDong area and old town, the water surfaces area of 14000 mu, it has the legend for the Guanyin bodhisattva in the visions. Guanyin lake scenic area rainfall amount and pleasant climate, the mountains winding, blue lake water, scenery beautiful, is tourism, summer leisure, is the key of the suining city scenic area, the natural and cultural landscape is very rich. Twice in the huge "guanyin lake" of the west lake and several channel island, show that there is water in the city, the water city, "sunset and solitary seek fly together, colchicine and sky flavor" western unique landscape water.

Folk culture

Upper brings siltstones

Upper brings siltstones is large folk percussion. Formerly known as "penglai laughed." Popular in suining city and edge zone. According to legend, the invented by our country Zhou Chaoshi court musicians, spread to the tang dynasty kaiyuan years, high tang dynasty emperor heard the music, play team magnificent, majestic, and for the "laughed," dedicated to the emperor, and he reigned in emperor. The late Ming dynasty, there is a young musicians out of the palace by the war, after the nakae settled, with his skill set up a band, so the generation phase, the guangxu period introduced to peng creek. The beginning of the 20th century, sichuan nakae, JTG, peng creek, hong, nanchong in the counties is very flourish. Upper brings siltstones is composed of two groups: the main music group has footbath drum, large cymbals, gongs Damascus, rao bowls, earth, Sue bowls, Sue earth, dang dang, cymbals, cymbals, etc. Auxiliary when playing music group, two groups of band overlapping, alternately lineup huge, spectacle, little criterion dozens of people, many thousands of people, ti "gore" cloud ", "nodded phoenix", "martial tiger moth", "with rattan cane" wait for a dozen. The rhythm of the original penglai brings joy, warm festival, melts the northern masculinity, and sichuan folk percussion gongs beautiful gentle and lovely style at an organic whole, have extremely strong artistic appeal and local cultural characteristics. After peng county style council organization of personnel into the brook, and on the basis of the traditional model, combining with the characteristics of bashu culture will "peng creek brings" renamed "upper brings siltstones," to make Musical Instruments, the creation of a new ti "wuzhou city", improve the instrument combination, adjust the drumming formation, makes the "upper brings siltstones" play when the scene more grand, more vehement rhythm, climax, heroism arose. People praised the "upper brings siltstones" for sichuan power and prestige gongs.


Suining China acrobatic troupe was founded in 1974, formerly known as children's home class acrobatic troupe. More than 80 staffs, group consisted of actors within the team and the quidditch matches. Actor with an average age of 19.5 years, is a hard working and highly energetic young acrobatics team. The troupe in inherit the Chinese traditional acrobatic skills, on the basis of the widely use of the sisters art director, creative writing, rehearsals, performances for nearly thirty strong ethnic characteristics, full of era spirit, various forms and technology fine arts acrobatics show beauty. "Bowls", "top technology ladder", "big martial arts", "push circle", the "disc" and "shoulder pole", has been at home and abroad of various kinds of acrobatic competition awards, including "bowls" won the national youth acrobatics competition "copper lion award". The group for a long time, in addition to adhere to in the domestic each big city tour, also went to France, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong and other countries and regions, by the friends of praise. To promote the friendship and cultural exchange between people from different countries made a positive contribution. In 1999 at the invitation of organizing committee to celebrate the return, acrobatic troupe performances in Australia, won the audience acclaim at home and abroad.

"Lee family class now known as" suining city acrobatic troupe, in May 2001 at the invitation of China central television (CCTV) participated in the "happy departure" celebrate "June 1 international children's day" gala, by hu jintao, Qian Qichen, peng peiyun, jia qinglin and other leading comrades of the interview.

The dragon lantern dance

Dragon lantern dance, folk dance, also known as "dragon dance", "dragon lantern", "dragon", etc. It is said that began in the han dynasty. The first day to the first lunar month 15 WuLongDeng every year. Dragon varieties, such as "dragon", "dragon". Colorful dragon bibcock, made in all kinds of soft segment, about 9 10 section, modelling is exquisite. Dance often match with fish and shrimp shell and other lights. Both male and female, dragon dance, all the double-breasted color clothes, wear red belt, hand-held section pole, with funny treasure people bowed danced, constantly. There are accompanied by percussion instruments. Dragon multi-purpose color bibcock, squama of burlap coloured drawing or pattern, each section contains bamboo cage, built-in lighting candles or spill, light dance. Fire dragon dragon long, big, generally 10 section, the rod is longer, the dragon pole is about 2 meters long. For more on yuan snack burn dragon ceremony, so the name "dragon". Fire dragon ssangyong double treasure of a general. Yuanxiao to burn the dragon, symbol of the New Year celebration is satisfactory, so as to pray to "qing ji peace". Dragon dance is a straw hat, wear small underpants, light back, hold the longyou dance barefoot, burning lamp around carrying firecrackers, mix with iron openwork, carbon, to the dragon. See sparks, fire dragon, flames, colorful. Stay to suggested it was burning fireworks is booming, the dragon is lifting the dragon ran to the river, to send the sea dragon. Suining ship downtown as the dragon dance as project characteristic culture, traditions, expand scale, make dragon dance more rich and colorful. In 2000, the state ministry of culture awarded ship as the title of "the hometown of Chinese dragon dance".

Peach dragon

Peach dragon, suining folk dances, commonly known as "disconnect dragon", because of the dragon body for peach shape between the name. Legend around chuanbei "empress" can, and the worth peach, want to go to the temple for SongZi empress bless, will later in guanyin and the Lantern Festival activities, people will be bamboo weaving enamel peach combined into a dragon, dance, one a treasure to play dragon, a person hold bibcock, five people are dragons, one a beaten, eight girls each take two clouds in dragons dance. Due to the peach to disconnect dragons, performers can be arbitrary that shuttle,, the dragon in the sea of clouds billow, ups and downs. As the folk saying: "peach each playing dragon, wear to wear to ridge with." The making craft of suining peach dragon is very exquisite. In the 80 s, the suining county cultural center organization folk artists penco tax peach dragon, take part in the national folk arts and crafts exhibition, and by the Chinese museum.

The color lotus ship

Lotus gathering boat which is also called "zoned land boat", "dollar", mostly during the Spring Festival and large cultural activities and performance. Performed by yao gu, transom weng two people. With the sound, the transom weng boating, then both song and dance, cooperate with the tacit understanding, double dance of relaxed joy. The color lotus ship performance mainly imitate the action of water sail. Yao gu dance movements can be summarized as four words: "wrist shake, leg quiver, under the waist to attendance, body is pulled upwards, ferryman dance movements, such as" rowing step ", "legs rowing", etc., adopting the dwarf in sichuan opera, row boat sail photograph echo with yao gu. Dance vividly show boat on the water, and sometimes smooth water white water rafting, handsome and elegant; Sometimes the waves travel, ups and downs ups. Dance begins with a were swinging, and ends with a were swinging. With rich folk characteristics.

Car headlights

Also known as the "tease sisters", "bohanchuan". The main performance before and after the Spring Festival. Performers three people, one person ACTS the role of a younger sister, 1 person ACTS the role of buffoon, 1 person ACTS the role of driver or transom weng. Also have seven people performance, in addition to the above 3 people, add four hand holding lanterns "newspaper" (a rough). Lamp classes are performed by rural skills higher old actor in the lead, tandem some who love playing lights, AD hoc "car headlights" team, playing around the lamp, during the Spring Festival after the Spring Festival is dissolved. "Car headlights" performance, first by the buffoon, holds flowers folding fan running, tease out "floats", sunglasses, hand dance color towel yao sister (mostly male), then the impromptu composed of various related to festivals, farming, folk banter, give priority to in order to make fun of the humor. Yao sister hand in transport along the car, with the lyrics to rocking back bends down, before and after the show little shyness coy face shape. Driver or transom weng make cart melody rhythm to the boat. After fronting buffoon, others have them accompany. After every finished a drums in turn "wing", "wan" ants, "screen lotus" and other traditional pattern transformation formation. Its performance skills summarized as "sister want firm, works to make" eight words, has super cavity, the cavity number two parts. Lyrics are upper and lower structure, sentence rhymes, in the majority with seven words, often additional ChenZi, embedded word, singing to call, repeat singing tunes. Accompaniment instrument erhu, yueqin, march, Mongol four-stringed instrument, gongs, drums, four panels, etc.

Lion dances

Lion dances, also known as the "lion", it is melting martial arts, acrobatics is a body comprehensive folk art and folk drama. Reportedly began in the han dynasty, the first day to 15, the first lunar month every year for the lion dances. Of this dance is commonly 3 people, 2 people hid in the lion's belly, decorated with lion props, cooperate to perform lion lion dance moves, one play a smiling monk or sun wukong, wear a mask, a dust, which made the lion do all sorts of action. Sun wukong take great mischievous and lively. Lion dance with percussion accompaniment, accompanying with lanterns several people. Lion dance has array seventy-two, wu array thirty-six. Show the imlet "lion", "martial lion". Wen lion is mainly to renew guessing couplet and related performance, appear lively and interesting, also have itching, licking hair, rolling and shaking hair; Any major is good at jumping, stepping on the ball, jump, climb, teng turn, such as martial arts, intrepid impacted. In form, have "lion", "platform lion", "high lion", "the lion", etc. Platform lion is in a four square table of acting on the platform; Tower of the lion is to put the two square table cover overlap, WuShiZhe performance on four legs, also have overlapping table for more than ten square tower, show more difficult. Made under the lion lion in play, by turns, teng, jump, jump, layers on the table top, on four legs "guanyin sitting lotus", "cry for the moon; High lion performed impromptu join juggling antics, etc; The lion tends to wallow, jump jump. Lion dances can also be divided into "single lion dances", "double lion dances", "group of lion dances. Performances have "kill lion festival", "steal ganoderma lucidum", "iron threshold", "ring of fire", "four door switch", "diamond knife circle", "red light up chunks", "put the lotus memorial arch", "DaShun plow", "monkey eating radish", "guess charades", etc.

Waist drum dance

Waist drum dance known as waist drum. The drum with wooden hoops, elongated, both ends of small, double skin. Drum, the drum with silk in the waist, dancers hands hold each drumstick, alternating strike outs, and accompanied by dance moves. The game can be divided into "big school", "small schools", "the drum genre", "comprehensive schools", etc., before the team also often basin drums and cymbals rally, obvious drum beats, rhythm, dance diversity, lively atmosphere.

A lotus xiao

Playing flute also known as "iron". Performers take a three feet long and containing copper staves, knocked with uniform at both ends and with rhythm, the body of the feet, legs, hands, shoulders, arms and other parts, still can squat down, running, rolling, and can also be a few people play, rhythm is bright, beautiful, playing and singing, talking and singing, have them word among the lyrics content easy to understand. During the holidays, more with other performing team peers, colorful, very popular.

Encircle and hunt down drum

Encircle and hunt down drum has said "play". Spare or weddings, funerals, after dinner invitation or invite friends "play four or five people sit together. , no stage makeup and costume, generally held in playing dam or the teahouse. Friends play their respective sat on the bench, hands holding pan-ku, tupan, sichuan drum, ma gongs, chuan hu, cymbals, such as Musical Instruments, from blow since since the sing. Dozen pan-ku is GuShi, other instruments to GuShi gestures, drum, drum command. Encircle and hunt down drum to spend money is not much, little trouble, so deep folk, widely circulated, meet the requirements of the sichuan opera lovers love singing, love to listen to.

Platform play

Folk traditional performance form. Platform to board split binding, lift the YouYan eight people. Platforms play a play modelling, stand by all the foot in the character is more bright color. Later, people placed platform play in acting on the large transport vehicles

Diet culture

Shoot hong spiced beef juice

Spiced beef juice is the chef shoot HongQingZhen food stores, five smoked bean curd beef processing technology on the basis of inheritance and development of a flavor food, with brown sleek, five fragrance thick, dry limp and numb, slag etc, become urban and rural people's favorite food and gifts.

Crispy duck

Crispy duck to sell hundreds a day on average. At the feast, but also at the hongseong people indispensable a main course. Although shot hong a month on average each opened several mee, but lee mee remained bibcock eldest brother. Flavors have not cut corners by business growth, instead more than ever.

Crispy duck, brown appearance, very crisp, melt into the mouth. Duck skin nature is one of the essence, sweet, tender, microstrip toughness, delicious, all on a tough word. Duck into silk, a nibble, can tear apart, different from the other duck oily, instead, winning by crispy.

Zhuo barrel chicken

Zhuo barrel chicken's reputation because of its special cooking methods. The chicken for the local native, a peculiar to the Dead Sea natural bittern for washing, plus dozens of spices smoked, after the grave, gently simmer, whether fire or soup, the meat tender, taste delicious, sweet of 4 excessive aftertaste letting a person is boundless.

To Ken than duck

To Ken to than a crispy Fried marinated duck duck, color fresh, soft hard moderate, for young and old, for suining full of local flavor of pickled spiced dishes.

Chicken pudding

Chicken tofu pudding is a very delicate process, in sichuan road, Buddha temple, incense product hutch "chicken chicken", "eat meat meat" cooking skills, is made of meat flavor dishes, vegetarian food is known as "vegetarian meat". In sichuan restaurant, on the contrary, to a "chicken chicken", "eat meat not meat", will be material made from vegetables, namely the so-called "to be supporting vegetables". Chicken pudding is supporting vegetables on behalf of the food. Pudding is made of chopped chicken breast meat, chicken cooked ham and chicken soup. Forming food like tofu pudding, smooth texture, b. white meat, delicious exception.

Chuanbei bean jelly

Also of the yellow bean jelly, it is on the basis of the mother-in-law bean jelly upholds, named after the deep suining is located in north sichuan. It has a soft and fine and smooth, good toughness, hemp, spicy, fresh, sweet, loved by customers.

Hot and sour soup

Hot and sour soup is homemade soup sichuan, is a sichuan speciality. Help yourself. It is the pork, bean curd, winter bamboo shoot etc. The material clear soup cooked. Its characteristic is sour, spicy, salty, fresh, sweet. Drink after a meal, have the sober to greasy, the role of digestion, popular, widely circulated throughout the country.

Mustard spring rolls

Mustard spring rolls is a kind of extremely rich in suining characteristics snacks, the taste is unique, mustard pungent taste, aromatic, how to eat with different, often need not large, but it is fresh, fragrant aftertaste take chopsticks dishes, straight by hand grasp entrance. Beginners often eat at the beginning of tears.