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The industry of Guokai area upgrades,the machine workers are 5 times faster than general workers,the small factory in big factory develop together

2014/11/7 view:

The robot production line was firstly introduced in electronic enterprises

Sichuan Precision Electronic Co. LTD is a leading enterprise of producing PCB after Zhichao in Suining and located in the south of the city with the area of 45000㎡ and the annual output of 800 million. In order to improve the efficiency and quality, it costs a lot for the company to introduce a copper plating production line operated by robots, which is the first electronic enterprise in our city to introduce such a high-tech production line.

The robots are 5 times faster than workers

Precision admiring on February 19, reporters came to the electronic, electroplating, head of jin-song zhu the reporter introduced electroplating workshop. The reporter sees, the circuit board production line is not a worker, on the west side of the production line, is a more than 10 robot manipulator. Several of the robot arm gently the flexibility to flip the circuit board, quietly, faster than manual operation.

Director zhu said: "we this line is a worker in before operation, is slower than the robot operation more than 5 times. Now we spend more than 300 to introduce the advanced robots copper plating production line, not only improve the working efficiency, and greatly improves the quality of products, this is the first time that the zhuhai electronic enterprise introduce product line of robot."

In order to compare the robot production line, the director zhu took reporters came to the old longmen copper plating production line. Reporter saw, the workers in operation by the side of the production line, production line than robots complex copper plating production line, machine is big. This machine also has the world's advanced technology production line, but no robot production line of high efficiency.

Factory in the factory with small common development

Reporter saw the scene, the enterprise has entered into trial production status at present. Wu Boping the enterprise executive deputy general manager, told reporters that the enterprise after full production, monthly output can reach LiuQiQian ten thousand yuan, annual output value will exceed 800 million yuan. "In order to improve production, we are also going to make some innovative approaches: one is about to tzu chi super technology, deep north, British chuangli electronic, the sea, weihai electronic and so on more than 10 PCB production enterprises, establish a PCB association, as well as exchange, improve production technology, jointly enjoy broad market, this problem has been negotiating with several other boss in, everyone said they would like to set up the association; 2 it is to improve the quality of small businesses in factory, for the mass production of big companies take good service. 3 it is to unite to do a good job of electronic products logistics. We decided to buy the traffic tools, to the enterprise logistics aptitude to us deliver products to coastal, this thing is planning."

Precision electronics factory, also has other small businesses? Reporters wondered. Wu Boping smiled and said: "this is not surprising, our factory has for a long time now. More than five small businesses have a power drill factory, specifically for our mill bit; a solution factory, specialized recycling our waste solution; have a rack accessories factory, dedicated to provide accessories; and the heavy gold factory, pressing factory, etc. These plants are generally a few people to dozens of people, all of service for us."

Pay attention to environmental protection construction of environment-friendly enterprises

Learned, Precision electronics has been always put environmental protection problems in an important position in enterprise development strategy, the environmental protection as an important part of the business philosophy. So in all business activities, the company to provide customers high quality products and services at the same time, to protect the natural environment and realize sustainable development, strive to build environmentally friendly companies. From raw material sources of the environmental impact, to the production process of energy saving, consumption reduction, reducing the pollution, and even the harnessing and comprehensive utilization of pollutants, actively promote clean production, realize the source control, limited use of low toxicity, harmless technology, technology and equipment, eliminate the environmental impact of hazardous waste.