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Exposure machine

2014/11/7 view:

Exposure machine, or electron beam exposure machine is set electronic optical, electrical, mechanical, vacuum, computer technology is one of the complicated semiconductor processing equipment.

Exposure machine/lithography

Exposure machine is in the early 1960 s from based on scanning electron microscope (sem), after 70 s are widely used in the semiconductor integrated circuit manufacturing.

The basic principle of work

Under the control of computer, the use of focused beam of organic polymer (often referred to as electronic resist or photoresist) for exposure, the photoresist after electron beam irradiation, change its physical and chemical properties, good form in a certain solvent soluble or is not dissolved area, on resist to form a fine pattern.

Range of application

Used in semiconductor, photoelectric electronics, tablet, rf, microwave diffraction optics, mems, concave and convex or flip chip equipment, and other requirements fine print and precision alignment of the technical requirements.