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PRS rotary table with cross roller bearing technology breakthrough

2014/11/3 view:

Modern machine tool is toward the high-speed, precision, composite, intelligent direction, rotary table widely used in all kinds of CNC milling machine, boring machine, all kinds of vertical lathe, vertical milling machine tool. Rotary table in addition to a good workpiece under weight, also need to ensure that its under the bearing rotation accuracy. Machine tool industry as an important part of the machinery and equipment industry, in the process of the development of the whole national economy plays an important role, and therefore machine tool industry development level is often a symbol of national industrial development level.

Proportion with the development of modern manufacturing, numerical control machine tool is gradually increased, in the field of numerical control, high-end CNC machine tools (such as heavy machine tools, intelligent machine tools, etc.) the proportion is rising. Cross roller bearing, as the core component of rotary table, rotary table during operation, not only has the very high bearing capacity, should also have high rotation accuracy and high ability to overthrow, and high speed. Luoyang PuRuiSen precision bearing co., LTD. (PRS) for cross roller bearings used in machine tool rotary worktable has accumulated rich experience, with reference to similar foreign products, combined with their own characteristics, developed a series of machine tool rotary table using cross roller bearing, is characterized by simple installation, easy to adjust the type of installation or maintenance method, suitable for various types of vertical or horizontal boring machine, as well as the vertical mill, vertical lathe and large gear milling machine, etc. With two groove in the bearing, two rows of roller of cross array. Combined with the traditional radial centering bearing thrust bearing + compared to cross roller bearing structure is compact, small size, and simplify the table design, so as to reduce the cost of the rotary table.

Thanks to the optimization of pre-tightening force, PRS cross roller bearing has the very high stiffness, and thus the stiffness and precision of rotary table are secured. Thanks to two cross roller bearing design, the effective span can be significantly improved, so the PRS cross roller bearing has a high resistance to overturning moment. In PRS cross roller bearing, and divided into two types: the first is a cylindrical cross roller bearing, the second is tapered cross roller bearings. Usually, cylindrical cross roller bearing cross price cone roller bearing is low, suitable for application of rotary table speed is relatively low; Cross roller bearing and cone adopted pure rolling taper roller design, so cross roller bearing is: operation of high precision, high speed capability, reduce the axial length to thermal expansion and processing cost, geometry size change is limited; Nylon spacer, low inertia, low starting torque, easy control of Angle dividing; Optimize the pre-tightening force, high rigidity, beat small; Line contact, stiffness big, the guide roller motion precision is high; Carburizing steel provides excellent resistance to impact and surface anti-wear ability, simple but abundant lubrication.