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Economic operation of electronic information industry conference

2014/11/7 view:

On October 25, China's electronic information industry association held in Beijing electronic information industry economy published work conferences and industry association. Association executive vice President of QuWeiZhi attended and delivered a speech. The ministry of industry and information technology chief economist, secretary-general of the federation of Zhou Zixue attend and published 2014 years ago in the third quarter economic operation of the electronic information industry report. Attend this conference and director-general of the department of industry and information technology, electronic Ding Wenwu, deputy chief of staff bureau deputy director Gao Sumei shao-hua tao, running, and on behalf of the association. The meeting shall be presided over by association deputy secretary-general yao-guang wang. During the meeting association also issued electronic information manufacturing industry climate index

Zhou Zixue said in the report, since this year, China's electronic information industry overall development smoothly. Benefits of steady growth, structural adjustment, development trend of intelligent, network, greening is outstanding, integrated circuits, flat-panel display, intelligent terminal, cloud computing, mobile Internet and other key projects and steady progress was made in the emerging field. The current industry operating pressure is still outstanding. Lack of external market, domestic market diversified development; The core technology; Industry shift outward acceleration, the enterprises growing problem such as profit margins are squeezed, restrict healthy development of the industry for a long time.

Basic operation:

One is the steady growth of production and marketing. 1 - September, electronic information manufacturing industry added value increased by 11.9%, over the scale growth than in the first quarter and the first half of the year increased by 0.3 and 0.6% respectively; Since the beginning of the year, the added value of electronic manufacturing industry has always maintained a double-digit growth, leading the national industry average is about 2%. The industry sales output value 7.4096 trillion yuan, up 10.2% from a year earlier, faster than in the first quarter and increased by 1.2 and 0.6% in the first half of the year.

2 is the level of benefits to improve. 1 - August, the large-scale electronic information manufacturing industry to realize the main business income is 6.3206 trillion yuan, up 9.6%; Profit total 247.7 billion yuan, up 28.7%; The industry average profit margin of 3.9%, and the first quarter of this year than the same period last year increased by 0.6 and 0.7%. From the perspective of major industries, communication equipment and electronic components industry profitability is more prominent, margins are 4.9%, 1% higher than the industry average. Points of economic type, domestic enterprises better benefit level, average profit margin of 5.5%, higher than the industry average of 1.6%.

3 it is to slow investment growth. 1 - September, electronic information industry project completed investment in fixed assets of 5 million yuan of above 862.4 billion yuan, up 10.5% from a year earlier, faster than in the first quarter and the first half of the year dropped 0.4 and 1.3%, lower than the industry average of 3%. In the first three quarters of this year, the industry of new projects, 6203, fell 2.4% year on year.

Fourth, internal and external marketing differentiation. Information consumption and rapid development, and promote the industry rise in domestic market. Smartphones sale in domestic market rose more than 20%, smart TV and tablet (domestic double-digit growth. 1 - September, electronic information manufacturing industry to realize the above designated size (domestic output value 3.6951 trillion yuan, up 15.3% year on year, sales value growth rate of 5.1%, higher than the industry accounted for 71.6% of industry growth. Relatively weak external demand market, September 1 - industry to realize the export value of 3.7145 trillion yuan, up 5.5% from a year earlier, lower than the industry sales value growth rate of 4.7%, accounted for 28.4% of industry growth.

The main characteristic of industrial development:

As new technologies, new forms and new mode, with the rapid development of electronic information industry change, innovation, integration of pattern formation is accelerating.

One is to accelerate economic structure adjustment. Domestic electronic information enterprises maintain rapid growth, power, status. 1 - September, domestic enterprises implement sales output value 2.6565 trillion yuan, up 21.0% from a year earlier, the growth is higher than the industry average of 10.8%, accounting for the proportion of the industry reached 32.6%, year-on-year increase of 3.2%; Contribution rate of industry growth reached 67.4%, year-on-year increase of 18%.

The second is to improve technical level to speed up. Intelligent, network, service trend of electronic information products is increasingly prominent. 1 to September, the domestic smartphone shipments accounted for nearly 90% of the total mobile phone shipments, year-on-year increase of 10%; Smart TV and tablet shipments weight more than 50%, increased by more than 5%; New wearable devices such as smart watches, smart glasses is rapidly emerging; Integrated circuit 28 nm process mass production, memory chip production, industrial chain constantly improve; Steady progress was made in digital home, fast-growing domestic operating system, middleware products.

Three is the fusion penetration speed of the industry. First of all, the management mode of manufacturing enterprises to speed up the transformation, the development concept of "hardware + + service" to speed up the popularization, promoting hardware manufacturers, network operators and content providers cooperation interaction. Software osmosis enhanced obviously, the first 9 months, the software industry revenue growth of more than 20%, higher than the electronic manufacturing industry income growth above 10%, information technology services which accounts for more than 50%, the software industry increased by 5% year-on-year. In addition, the social informatization level to speed up the ascension, 90% of large industrial enterprises adopt ERP management system, 80% of large industrial enterprises to adopt automation design and production control system; 60% of small and medium-sized enterprise using online purchasing and inquiry; Some light industry enterprise network sales revenue accounted for more than 30%.

Four is to speed up the green manufacturing promotion. With the growing resource, energy and environmental constraints, energy conservation, green trends of electronic information manufacturing industry in our country is also growing. Communications equipment companies to launch green low carbon room solution; Computers and color TV enterprises continuously improve the efficiency of the energy conservation and environmental protection LED screen.

Noteworthy is that the current industry operating pressure is still outstanding. One is the insufficient external demand market, world economic recovery is slow, since this year our country electronic products export weakness; Second, independently controllable grasp core technology, magnetic material, storage devices, operating systems, such as a large number of imported products; Three is industrial transfer speed up outward, foreign investment enterprises to choose cheaper investment in production in the region, such as photovoltaic (pv) in the field of domestic enterprises to avoid trade risks also began to shift to other countries; Four is the higher costs, product prices and inventory growth under the influence of various factors such as enterprise profit margins are squeezed, 1 - August, electronic and information manufacturing industry main business cost is 89.3 yuan per one hundred yuan, 3.2 yuan higher than the industry average.

The tendency of industry:

From the key enterprises orders, although growth is slowing and is given priority to with a short list, but still maintained double-digit growth, form the positive support to the industry development. Once upon a time the development of the third quarter, is expected in the fourth quarter will maintain steady growth trend.

Electronic information industry in China's far higher, the processing trade exports accounted for more than 60%; Electronic information products imported sustained negative growth this year, the first 9 months, a 10% drop in imports of integrated circuits, the growth rate fell 37.9% year-on-year, the future trend of trade is not optimistic. Electronic information industry of new projects fell, will affect the industry development.

Industry in the whole year of 2014 is expected to moderate growth, rising by about 10% or so.