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How to use photosensitive ink (wet film) production circuit board

2014/11/7 view:

Why choose light blue oil (wet film) for DIY plate material, I do not exclude other DIY plate method, they all have advantages and disadvantages of each, here is the baby's recommended factory professional plate-making materials, is the development of the early ninety s abroad a new type of light-sensitive materials, as the surface mount technology (SMT) and the development of the assembly technology (CMT), more and more high to the requirement of PCB wire precision, using the traditional dry film (the product of the 70 s, has been more and more cannot satisfy the above requirement, we spare board, of course, also want to keep pace with The Times.

Light blue oil (wet film) has the following significant advantages:

Enhancement effect is very good, strong stability, development rarely break line, unlike other plate, ready to break, also don't like dry film developing bubble of time longer, line is "up".

2. The exposure is akin to making a fool of.

3. Stop the air bubbles, because it is liquid, light blue oil coating on copper clad will fill the surface concave and convex inequality after minor defects, after drying the solid, so there is no air bubble problem. Some friends affected by dry film bubble serious or by some uv light solid green oil bubble has scared, now have a great illusion, our product is a solvent ink to be baked into solid, uv light solid is directly by the ultraviolet radiation into solid, can't bake, there is a difference between the two.

4. High precision, do not need to high-end equipment easily make a 0.2 mm line width of the line.

5. The cost is low, 1 ml of blue oil can make a 10 x 15 cm of the size of the single side PCB (substrate).

6. High efficiency, make a plate for sale. We are on the market can buy plate prices generally in 8 ~ 10 yuan, plate is actually on a piece of ordinary copper clad with a layer of photographic effects of anticorrosion layer, and now we have been able to do it himself.