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Employee training


The overall goal

1, strengthen the training company executives, improve operator's business philosophy, open thinking, enhance the decision-making ability, strategic development and modern management ability.

2, strengthen the company's middle management training, improve the comprehensive quality of managers, perfect knowledge structure, strengthen the comprehensive management ability, innovation ability and ability to execute.

3, strengthen the company's professional and technical personnel training, improve the level of technical theory and professional skills, enhance the capacity of science and technology research and development, technology innovation, technological transformation.

4, strengthening the training, the company operating personnel's technical level continuously improve the level of business operators and operating skills, enhance the ability of strictly implement responsibility of the position.

5, strengthen the degree of staff training, improve the scientific and cultural level of all levels personnel, enhance the staff's overall cultural quality.

6, strengthen the management staff at all levels and industry personnel qualification training, speed up the pace of card mount guard work, further standardize the management.