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Sichuan Precision Electronics Co., LTD for the salary collective to talk things over a contract signing ceremony

2014/11/5 view:

Precision Electronics Co., LTD., sichuan province September 4, the third floor conference room in the company salary collective to talk things over a contract signing ceremony, the CDB area, vice President of federation of RanXiaoPing and third-party companies, workers' party on behalf of a total of more than 40 people were present at the signing ceremony.

Company trade union chairman, workers' party chief representative wu ping 2014 salary adjustment, post subsidy standards (seniority salary, salary degree, etc.), staff rest, vacation, business negotiation case such as the minimum wage, labor safety and health to the general assembly are introduced, and the formation of both parties through consultation, the salary collective agreement (draft) submitted to the conference to discuss, workers' representatives to the examined and approved the salary collective agreement, the two sides chief negotiators in agreement on the text signature confirmation. Wu Boping PuRuiSen electronics co., LTD. General manager on behalf of the said enterprise performance, will strictly in accordance with the contracts; At the same time thank company worker contribution for the enterprise production, to enterprise's development vision is discussed.

During the meeting, RanXiaoPing Precision electronics co., LTD. Of sichuan salary collective to talk things over contract signing on greetings. In order to ensure work better salary collective to talk things over, and to ensure smooth implementation, the salary collective to talk things over contract RanXiaoPing stressed that companies need to have a clear meaning, raise awareness; Need to be sure that we implement strict performance; To form system, establish the mechanisms, and hope that the enterprise trade union to strengthen its own construction, carry out rich and colorful activities of trade unions, enhance trade union organizations cohesion and centripetal force, service enterprises, service workers, around the enterprise production, management, development, carry out "the home of the worker" construction, the construction of a harmonious and stable labor relations.